Speed Gun and Sports
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Speed Gun

Henri Johnson, an engineer invented the Speedball in 1992. The device accurately measures the speed and angles of speeding objects such as cricket, golf, and tennis balls. This innovative technology is used in tournaments around the world and provides fascinating insights into the playing techniques of famous sportspeople.

He was responsible for developing the sports tracking technology used around the world today. During his investigation of commercial use of military projectile systems, he discovered that he could use the same applications to measure the speed of balls played during sport. 

He used that technology at the cricket pitch and designed the EDH SpeedBall, which measured the speed at which the ball left the bowler's hand. Then he applied similar technology to the tennis court and invented the RaquetRadar, which measured the speed of a player's service.

Finally he turned his attention to the golf course and developed the FlightScope. A comprehensive 3D tracker, the FlightScope is able to follow the trajectory of golf balls, providing information as to the speed, direction and angle of the ball as well as critical feedback to the golfer.

EDH also serves other sporting disciplines and continues to service the military market.